How to Protect Your Belongings in Self-Storage from Pests and Rodents - Insights from Mabelvale, AR Mini Storage Experts

Published on 5/3/2023

Self-storage units can provide a secure environment for your belongings, but pests and rodents can still pose a risk to your stored items. Here are some tips from our Mabelvale, AR mini storage experts on how to protect your belongings from pests and rodents in self-storage:

  1. Prevention

Prevention is key to keeping pests and rodents out of your self-storage unit. Seal any gaps or holes in the unit with caulking or steel wool, and keep the unit clean and clutter-free. Avoid storing food items or anything that may attract pests, and consider using pest repellents or traps.

  1. Treatment

If you notice signs of pests or rodents in your self-storage unit, it's important to take action immediately. Contact the storage facility and ask for their pest control protocol. Consider using professional pest control services to treat the unit and prevent future infestations.

  1. Best practices for storage

Proper storage techniques can also help protect your belongings from pests and rodents. Use sturdy, airtight containers to store items, and avoid using cardboard boxes that can attract pests. Elevate boxes and furniture off the ground to prevent contact with any potential pests or rodents.

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  1. Climate-controlled storage

Consider using a climate-controlled self-storage unit to protect your items from extreme temperatures and humidity, which can also attract pests and rodents.

In conclusion, pests and rodents can pose a risk to items stored in self-storage units, but with proper prevention, treatment, and storage techniques, you can protect your belongings from these threats. If you're in Mabelvale, AR, and looking for a reliable and secure self-storage facility with pest control measures in place, contact us today. This storage facility part of New Branch Holdings, a real estate holding company based in Denver, CO, with mini storage in West Fargo, NDself storage in Alamosa, CO, mini storage in Springville, IA as well as mini storage in Ottumwa, IA and our newest self storage facilities - West Fargo Self Storage, and Mabelvale Mini Storage